In the resolution of the call for aid for 2019 in the educational field of the Erasmus Plus Program, the project “VET STUDENTS İNTO TECHNOLOGY COMPANİES: A VET students mobility network in the technological sector through a virtual environment with specific materials for critical thinking” was granted by the Spanish National Agency-SEPIE.


European VET students are key to the development of new productive moldes in the EU. Now VET education has an important impact on the development of technical skills of students for médium and low salary Jobs. However, the current VET education system fails to exploit all of its capabilities because ir does not Foster the skills for scientific and critical thinking, neither the motivation to Access high-skilled Jobs in innovative environments.

For this reason, several research centers, technology-based companies and VET centers propose creating a Project that really promotes the development of technological and digital skills, along with critical thiking through direct cooperation between the technology sector and VET centers thorughout Europe. All this through and innovative system of practices in technological companies based on virtual tools, collaborative work methodologies and virtual training materials.

This Project continues and complements the “CRITICAL THINKING AS A STEP FORWARD IN VET EDUCATION” initiative, where curricular adaptations were generated for VET centers to promote the training of their students for their work in technological centers, at the same time, the research center adapts its work processes for the inclusión of these students.

In previous projects, we focused on technology centers and VET centers, allowing them to show VET students how to analyze and develop the skills to work in a technology center.

We now believe that we must focus on the students themselves, providing them with useful tools to perform work practices. To this end, we propose a virtual system to monitor work practices and the creation of high quality open educational resources for students who participate in any E+mobility, but especially for those who Will do so in the VET STUDENT MOBILITY NETWORK EXCELLENCE TECHNOLOGICAL CENTERS. This network Will be implemented along with this Project.

The project will involve four European countries and seven organizations: VET centers, universities, research centers and technology-based companies. Associated VET centers will select and send to the students, who will develop their internships in research centers or technology-based companies.

This Project Will last 24 months, and four transnational meetings for coordinating the material elaboration and project development.





During the project two main high quality results will be made:


This result consists of a digital educational software that will accompany the VET student at risk of exclusion, during the entire mobility process. From the moment the student poses they participate in European mobility until the moment it is evaluated as a success by their VET teacher. This digital environment will contain all the useful information for students who want to make mobility in the technology sector and its main objective is to provide a support service for students with obstacles.


The second intellectual result will consist of an innovative virtual structured course specifically aimed at students developing specifically the competences of the VET training curriculum related to the digital and technological field, as well as the skills that will be required in the workplace where Perform mobility.




Date: April 27, 2020

Place: Skype


The situation we meet in the whole world due to COVID19, has prevented us from holding the first transnational meeting in person due to the closure of borders.
However, we have carried out this meeting in a virtual way, as we consider it important to maintain fluid communication between all the project partners and to advance in the development of the materials and objectives of the project from the very beginning of the project.

In this interesting and productive first transnational meeting we had the opportunity to get to know each other, especially with those entities that had not collaborated in previous projects. Thanks to this meeting the contents and objectives of the intellectual results were discussed.

Likewise, the methods were defined to advance with the campaign of presentation and visibility of the project by each of the partners.

The participants of the meeting were the representatives of each of the partner entities, which facilitated decision-making on the topics discussed at the meeting.



Date: September 10, 2020

Place: Skype


Due to the circumstances of the COVID19 pandemic, we continue to hold transnational meetings virtually. We believe that it is very important to continue holding these meetings, even if we do not have the opportunity to hold them in person.

In this meeting we focus on the intellectual results O1. ON YOUR SIDE and O2. PERSONALIZED DIGITAL COURSE. We also discussed an overview of the project and assigned pending tasks.

Members of the project’s partner entities have participated in this meeting, allowing us to advance according to the planned schedule and hold a meeting with fluid communication.