Ikasia means imagination

Ikasia offers a new way to 3D through the printing of micro and nano-structured hybrid materials with plastic components and glasses or ceramics that are spatially distributed precisely through a cold additive manufacturing process, 3D, developed by itself. company. The key is to develop state-of-the-art technologies for the cost-effective mass production of complex materials, adapted to a wide range of applications.

For this we have a unique patented manufacturing system that opens a new scenario for 3D printing capable of developing previously unexplored fields.

The key is to develop state-of-the-art technologies for the cost-effective mass production of complex materials, adapted to a wide range of applications.

What does make IKASIA different?

Currently additive manufacturing has focused on achieving the highest possible surface precision, getting some apparently spectacular results but the pieces can not be used in real conditions by the poor mechanical properties of plastic building or compacted materials.

Ikasia Technologies cares for the results accuracy, but understands that the real secret of 3D printing lies in the micrometer positioning of the structural elements of the building material.

Thanks to a new 3D printing system by a cold procedure, our teams are able to build a new generation of composite materials, which are produced in the own manufacturing process itself, regardless of size or printing times.

Leading innovation technologies for the production of complex materials adapted to a wide range of applications

What does IKASIA offer?

Micro and nanostructured hybrid materials with a specifid mollecular structure that is made by a process of additive manufacturing by a cold procedure, developed by the company itself. The key is to develop advanced technologies for mass production, economically profitable, complex materials, adapted to many different applications.


This sector requires using biocompatible parts fully adapted to the patient with very good mechanical characteristics for multiple functions. From bone fastening parts to cultivation environments printing.


Currently IKASIA Technologies has begun to create the basis for new materials. Imagine high strength materials with self-healing properties or smart materials for medical field … only the future will define the limit.


This sector requires unique pieces with exceptional mechanical properties to resist harsh environments of low gravity and really high temperatures with levels of safety and absolute trust


This sector requires reducing the production costs of items. The manufacturing system should enable pieces with complex shapes and excellent mechanical to customize cars and improve their safety and their shock response characteristics.


This sector requires large pieces that must resist high efforts at limited cost and facilitate customization and design aspects. You must consider the opportunity to create non-oxidant products with similar characteristics to steel for marine environments.


Currently this sector requires high manufacturing costs to create limited editions of pieces, with a high level of accuracy. The new additive manufacture system allow high reduction of costs with a high level accuracy and takes account the manufacturing processes requirements.


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