Although our main activity is the research and development of new composite materials for market launch, one of our priority objectives is social commitment and contribution to the construction of a better world.  Therefore, through the coordination and participation in projects of the Erasmus Plus Program, we promote the inclusion of young people in serious situations of exclusion or with obstacles. From IKASIA we think that every entity, whether public or private, has a commitment to help others in all those fields that are possible.

We have been creating mechanisms and tools for the last 6 years that promote the social, labor and personal inclusion of young people with obstacles. Thanks to the collaboration with various entities we have achieved various achievements such as:

  • Have a real impact on the lives of many VET students in situations of exclusion, offering them real opportunities for employability and inclusion.
  • We have contributed to reducing dropout and unemployment rates in medium-level training cycles in segregated areas reflected by the last Eurostat 2022 and according to the assessments of the participating schools.
  • We have managed to implement a SYSTEM OF VIRTUAL PRACTICES FOR VET STUDENTS WITH OBSTACLES IN TECHNOLOGY COMPANIES that has already led 14 short-term virtual mobilities that have involved VET students at risk of exclusion and teachers from 3 educational centers in Spain and Greece.
  • We have managed to implement an INTERNSHIP PROGRAM IN TECHNOLOGY CENTERS that has already led 7 long-term face-to-face mobilities that have improved the curriculum of VET students with obstacles and favored their inclusion.
  • We have managed to get the Greek Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs to implement the educational software for mobile applications «On your Side», created by Ikasia in collaboration with various entities. This software allows you to coordinate and monitor mobilities, while being a really useful tool for the inclusion of participants in the country of destination.

We have managed to create learning simulators that allow young people with obstacles to acquire key skills and competences for their employability and inclusion through a simulator environment such as that of a specific job position.